Ecuador is home to a mega diverse variety of native flowers throughout its borders, though it’s perhaps best known for one: the rose. They are known worldwide as the best on Earth, in every imaginable category: bloom size, stem length, vase life, color…


They say big things come in small packages… just like Ecuador. Though it sums up for less than 1% of the planet’s surface, more than 500 varieties of roses are grown in the country. Ecuador has the advantage of growing conditions unrivaled anywhere else on Earth, so it’s able to produce roses of almost unbelievable characteristics. (They can stem up to three feet tall!)

Mesmerized by variety

The majority of those roses are produced in Cayambe, a privileged place. Its location, rich in volcanic soils, ample snowmelt from the Andes and optimum lighting conditions (12 hours per day) allows production throughout the year. These elements make the best environment for the growth and development of brilliantly colored flowers -that could even reach the size of a tennis ball.

Ecuador is the world’s fourth-largest producer of cut flowers, 73% of which are roses.


Roses with altitude

Ecuador is the world’s fourth-largest producer of cut flowers, 73% of which are roses. They even hold the title of the roses with the ‘straightest’ stem. Although this is only a myth, the scientific explanation is that they have a much longer growing cycle. Most of the country’s plantations are found at around 10,000 feet above sea level.

The amazing quality of Ecuadorian roses has taken them to the most famous stages.

The producers of these roses have made important developments and efforts to improve their operations through environmental protection. This means the standards of the country’s roses have been elevated in every possible way. Today, they are sold worldwide, especially to the United States, where end up two-thirds of Ecuador’s roses (500 million blooms a year).


The celebrity status and uniqueness of Ecuadorian roses are reflected on their prestige around the globe. Its amazing quality has taken them to the most famous stages, from red carpets, through dreamy weddings, to movie sets… these roses are definitely the stars of the show wherever they go.

Luxurious and coveted

There are some roses that stand out above all. We talk about the blooms of Hoja Verde. It doesn’t matter which stage they’re displayed at, their 120 varieties of roses always excel with their astonishing colors and aromas. Hoja Verde makes sure their roses have everything it takes to make them the most sought-after in the international market. Now you can have a bouquet of Hoja Verde at home with a simple click.

Hoja Verde


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